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During any business project, there are chances to encounter complications. Companies need data-driven improvement cycle for various processes and models which help in improving, optimising, and stabilising them. For solving them, DMAIC was developed as a methodology under Six Sigma.

We at Maven Training, are providing high-quality learning material with the support of skilled experts. With our DMAIC model delegates can resolve several issues of defects, deviating targets, excessive costs or time, and decline. It is well versed in identifying essential necessities, deliverables, responsibilities, and standard tools for any project team.

The primary three fundamental principles on which DMAIC model works are:


  • Acquire skills for application of various techniques to work efficiently

  • Analyse different problems and use DMAIC techniques to solve them

  • Find the perfect path for your business with DMAIC methodology

  • Inclusion of manuals and certifications along with exams

  • Small class size for best learning process

  • Availability of 24x7 online support portal

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DMAIC is an acronym for Design, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control. For driving SIX SIGMA projects, the DMAIC improvement cycle is the best tool ever, but it is not exclusively made for it and can be utilised for other applications too. This DMAIC cycle is one of the exemplary Six Sigma problem-solving processes which helps in reducing atrocities at work.

DMAIC is a system of management which is in sustenance with a steady pipeline of projects. Certain individual variations are contemporary in the process that might take various forms, and efforts are to be made to exclude them. Six Sigma training under Maven provides guidelines to help you select the right project at the right time with the assistance of DMAIC process.

The major objective is to outstrip customer requirements by boosting performance, driving better solutions and drastically reducing non-conformities. DMAIC approach always has a better solution which can be applied to increase goodwill of any company. Certain essential steps in DMAIC methodology are obliging and the following diagram shows its flow of process:


The utilisation of Six Sigma’s DMAIC model is crucial when a product or process is not performing adequately to meet customer requirements. For ensuring the success of Six Sigma DMAIC approach, the combination of two, statistical and quality management tools plays a decisive role for the best results.

It becomes the individual responsibility of the team associates to use DMAIC for refining the project to deliver quantifiable and sustainable outcomes. It is certainly not an easy process, but with time and practice, one may reach near to perfection.

To ensure that processes exhibit crowning performances by resulting in a dramatic increase in customer satisfaction, productivity, and shareholder value, the DMAIC model originates logical steps ahead. To deploy Six Sigma DMAIC successfully a wide range of tools are available, starting with simple quality tools like; brainstorming or Pareto analysis to advanced statistical modelling like; regression analysis or designed experiments.


For measuring the comprehension of the course, each certification candidate is required to pass an examination that consists of multiple-choice questions. There will be 100 questions out of which 70 are recommended to be given to clear the exam. The exam will come only in English.

Quick Start

  • Introduction to DMAIC
  • Selecting right projects
  • Understanding DMAIC use
  • Comparison with other problem-solving tools


  • Defining the Problem
  • Identifying the problems with getting help from Problem Statement
  • Using a Goal Statement to set the goals
  • Establishing process by evolving maps of the process
  • Identifying your customers and their requirements


  • Mapping out the Current Process
  • How the process currently performs?
  • Looking for the cause of the problem
  • Creating plan for collection of data
  • Ensuring that your data is reliable
  • Updating the project charter


  • Identifying the Cause of the Problem
  • Examining the process carefully
  • Visually inspecting the data
  • Brainstorming potential cause(s) of the problem
  • Verification of the cause(s) of the problem
  • Project Charter updating


  • Implement and Verify the Solution(s)
  • Brainstorming the solutions that help in fixing the problem
  • Selecting practical solutions
  • Developing process maps based on different solutions
  • Choose the best option(s)
  • Implement the solution(s)
  • Measuring improvement


  • Maintaining Solution(s)
  • Continuously improving process using Lean principles
  • Ensuring the management and monitoring of the process properly
  • Expansion of improved process throughout organisation
  • Apply new knowledge to other processes in your organisation
  • Celebrating the success by sharing it

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