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Kanban is the Japanese word for “visual signal” or “card”. The technology that was used by Toyota line-workers to indicate steps in their manufacturing process. This highly visual nature of Kanban allowed them to communicate more easily as to what work needed to be done on a priority basis. The technique also refined the existing procedures and standardised them to reduce waste and maximise value.

Kanban works on the following four principals:

  1. Visualise Work – to visually track the progress
  2. Limit Work in Process – This avoids task switching and as such finished work in time
  3. Focus on Flow – Collect status on WIP (work In Process) and analyse the flow of work
  4. Continuous Improvement – Model the existing system now on Kanban and implement it in all future projects
  • Learn the approach that tracks work progress

  • Analyse Current Work Status and Get Solutions to Future Problems

  • Best approach towards Project Management

  • Learn from World-Class Training Providers

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