training Introduction

Six Sigma yellow belt is a two-day course. This particular course educates the delegate with concepts of the elementary methodologies utilised for Six Sigma. The Yellow Belt course covers a few the main improvement procedures and their important metrics. In the case of many companies, the person who is Yellow Belt Certified known as SME (Subject Matter Professional). He or she can become a central team associate on a particular single project or number of jobs.

The Yellow Belt Six Sigma course allows employees to have enough understanding of process upgrading via process management preface. Delegates participating in this course also become known with the fundamental tools associated with yellow belt training. The objective of the Six Sigma Yellow Belt training is to give participants the essentials instruments required to become a valuable player within an organisation’s larger goals and objectives.

  • Enroll In Six Sigma training to learn about Errors elimination and Business improvement processes

  • Applicability across Industries

  • Helps Nurture Managerial and Leadership Ability

  • Excellent Pay Packages

  • Better Chance of Getting Promoted

  • Stand Out From the Crowd as the Innovator

  • Help Improve Customer Relations at Your Organisation

  • Gain Hands-On Experience in Quality Management

trainingCourse Details

Achieving the prestigious Yellow Belt Certification in Six Sigma (which is base on the IASSC standard exam) establishes a ascertain command of Six Sigma processes and principles. The Six Sigma Certification Yellow Belt course prepares and strengthens the delegate to contribute to any continuous improvement (CI) initiative action. During this six sigma course representative will learn both skills and strategies and how to put them into practical way using some activities and case studies.

The tools in which one master will prepare the delegate of this course exam’s, and strengthen him to support the constant improvement of projects in the workplace.  Six Sigma is considered to be the most highly CI and Management System ever developed - Yellow Belt Certification is the ticket to enter the world of CI with trustworthiness, esteem, and capability. This six sigma belt course provides comprehensive training and exam preparation to achieve Yellow Belt Certification with the Worldwide Association of Six Sigma Certification. No prior knowledge of Lean Six Sigma is necessary to participate in this course.


  • Multiple Choice Questions in the exam
  • 60 questions for the exam
  • One mark awarded for each correct answer
  • No negative marks deducted for incorrect answers
  • 60 minutes duration of the exam
  • 40 out of 60 question are required to respond rightly to pass
  • Online un-proctored exam

Define Phase 

  • Overview of Six Sigma yellow belt exam
  • What is Six Sigma   
  • Six Sigma History    
  • Six Sigma Approach           
  • Six Sigma Methodology      
  • Roles and Responsibilities            
  • Six Sigma Fundamentals   
  • Establishing a Process  
  • VOC and CTQs        
  • Quality Function Deployment      
  • Cost of Poor Quality            
  • Pareto Charts and Analysis           
  • Six Sigma Projects   
  • Six Sigma Metrics    
  • Business Case and Charter          
  • Project Team Selection       
  • Project Risk Management  
  • Project Planning      
  • What is Project Plan?          
  • Lean Fundamentals            
  • Lean and Six Sigma            
  • History of Lean         
  • Seven Deadly Muda           
  • Five-S (5S)      

Measure Phase      

  • Process Definition   
  • Cause and Effect Diagram            
  • Cause and Effects Matrix   
  • Process Mapping     
  • FMEA 
  • Theory of Constraints         
  • Six Sigma Statistics 
  • Descriptive Statistics           
  • Average Distribution & Normality    
  • Graphical Analysis  
  • MSA (Measurement System Analysis)    
  • Precision and Accuracy     
  • Bias, Linearity, and Stability          
  • Gage R&R    
  • Variable and Attribute MSA           
  • Process Capability   
  • Capacity Analysis  
  • Concept of Stability 
  • Attribute & Discrete Capability       
  • Monitoring Techniques   

  Control Phase    

  • Lean Controls           
  • Control Methods for 5S       
  • Kanban         
  • Poka-Yoke   
  • Six Sigma Control Plans    
  • Cost Benefit Analysis         
  • Elements of Control Plans 
  • Response Plan Elements 

trainingSix Sigma Yellow Belt Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
Six Sigma Yellow Belt 2 days Birmingham
Six Sigma Yellow Belt 2 days Edinburgh
Six Sigma Yellow Belt 2 days Cardiff
Six Sigma Yellow Belt 2 days Liverpool
Six Sigma Yellow Belt 2 days London
Six Sigma Yellow Belt 2 days Dublin
Six Sigma Yellow Belt 2 days Manchester
Six Sigma Yellow Belt 2 days Belfast
Six Sigma Yellow Belt 2 days London
Six Sigma Yellow Belt 2 days Leeds

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